Advantages of Employee Time Tracking Software

When it comes to improving the productivity of an employee, it is very important that the entire process of employee management is methodically structured. There are a number of ways the entire process of employee productivity system can be significantly improved. Having an employee time tracking softwarecan significantly add true value to your company. Please find below some of the advantages of time tracking software

Mobile Attendance

With the help of GPS enabled mobile phone on which the software can be accessed; the employees can report in their data and the software can track where they are. This necessarily makes the entire process of attendance more simplified and easy and accurately predicts the time of the work hours.

Accuracy in Attendance

Accuracy in attendance necessarily refers to maintaining a transparent process in which the attendance is maintained properly. This erases errors and ensures that whoever gets enrolled join the data is enrolled with adequate results.

Automated Payroll

An automated software necessarily refers to a system in which everything is automated – from managing an employee time to maintaining a database of matter and more; the entire process is holistically maintained.

Flexible Work Arrangement

Automated time tracking software can make the process of work arrangement flexible, and it can eventually make the productivity more improved. When a flexible work arrangement is maintained, an employee can necessarily work better.

Improved Productivity

An automated software can improve productivity of a company by improving the channels that offer useful results.

Time Saving

Time tracking software can help you save on your money. A payroll process is used in a useful manner and process-based way, it can yield vital set of improved results.

Other than these payroll process makes rewarding simple; ensures your employees work more being held accountable.



Benefits of using SHIFTS Time and Attendance Software

It has become an extremely important job for companies to keep a responsible tab on time and attendance of their employees. The more they are defined about the discipline and punctuality of their resources; better they can manage the evolving requirements of audiences. The responsible and disciplined resources make forth truly great companies. However, manually updating the attendance and time of employees is not enough in today’s highly evolving times of challenges.

An increased rate of fraud and lack of responsible management are giving rise to low quality performance. That’s why being a responsible company; you should leverage the skills and benefits of an automated shifts and attendance software. SHIFTS software is a great addition to it.

With SHIFTS as your trusted time and attendance software; you can earn a number of standalone benefits; some of which are mentioned below –

  • View and journal your work force’s attendance
  • This helps you to keep a detailed journal of your employee’s attendance
  • View total working hours of your employees
  • This helps you know how productive your employees have been so far
  • View your employee’s GPS location
  • Learn where your employees are, take a screen shot and you have detailed report
  • Define working hours for your employees
  • This allows you to define rules of working hours, bring exceptions additions for overtime
  • This software can uncomplicate the entire process of managing your resources. Users buy module according to the needs and preferences, Get sub-domain URL to individual company, send SMS, reward employees, bring voting systems etc.


    So, in order to channelize your work system, and maintain a holistic work profile without having to bring any necessary changes yet yield highly useful benefits; you should choose SHIFTS App. It can offer highly useful solutions to uncomplicate your entire work profile.

    For growing company, and to manage resources holistically; what you need is a robust time and attendance software that can channelize your process, and improve your existing work system. To learn more about the core benefits and features of this software, please visit their website NOW

    Top 5 Technology Trends for Employee Time and Attendance tracking

    Which key things to count on when you need to choose employee time and attendance? Which trends are redefining the entire industry? We look! Please read on, and for any suggestion, and necessarily advice, which you think can improve the article, we request you to comment below.

    Some businesses still stoop to use outdated time and attendance software that lack on many fronts. As a result, these companies stay at the risk of costly data entry errors, incidents of employee overpayments, loss of administrative and managerial time.

    Therefore, here are some reasons you should invest in a new attendance monitoring system

    • Improving productivity
    • Enhancing workflow
    • Channelizing processes
    • Accelerating employee accountability

    Please find below some of the trends that are redefining the entire concept of employee time and attendance tracking system. These standalone developments can dramatically improve the company productivity.

    • Automated time tracking
    • Wifi enabled time clock
    • Tablet kiosk application
    • Mobile time sheet

    Automated Time Tracking

    Automated time tracking can offer real-time access to data, offers employees an advanced, user-friendly way to replace outdated methods. This method offers employee dashboard, flexible punch methods, including the scope to key in using mobile devices.

    WiFi-Enabled Time Clock

    Wi-Fi enabled technology that power attendance clock can support good number of employees. The solution enables uses biometric technology; which helps improve time punching accuracy. Promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness.

    Tablet Kiosk App

    Some businesses are opting for tablet kiosk application – which lets employees easily punch in and punch out using mobile and hand-held devices such Apple devices. This device and system can enhance employee productivity and improve the overall organizational efficiency!

    Biometric App

    Biometric app let employee to confirm work schedule, review time cards, and request time off.

    Some version of the biometric app which provide real-time data and effective monitoring can help employees scan job listings. Finger print sensor eliminates the requirement of doing any misconduct.

    Mobile Time Sheet

    Gone are the days when employees need to manually enter their time sheet. Today with the advancement of technology it has become factually simple and uncomplicated for organizations to narrow down on authentic set of data. With the help of mobile sheet; the entire job of pay roll processing tend to be simple.

    These are just some of the most important features that are making the entire industry of time and attendance monitoring holistic and simple. The entire process of managing time and attendance is not simple and it requires well defined principles and high end processes within a software to pinpoint on the things that matter and then integrating the changes into the system for effective monitoring of time and attendance of employees.

    Always count on the perfection of a software that can cater to your organizational needs, When the market is populated with so many software that assure you high quality services and solution, SHIFTS offers truly unrivaled set of benefits that can actually boost your organizational productivity.

    How to Avoid Expensive HR Errors?

    People are the most valuable resource for any private or public organisation, business or institution. That is why HR development and growth is one of the most important corporate functions.

    The immense responsibility alone makes it a challenge. That is why errors like lapse of judgment frequently run in the industry.

    In the last decade, resource management software has taken over many key HR functions like payroll management, communication interfacing, attendance, etc. HRM Software helps automate certain functions that carry a high probability of error and thus nullifies chances of the same. However, some loopholes remain.

    Here are someapointers on how to avoid expensive HR errors:

    Don’t wait for problems to be reported

    Many managers call it the “open door policy” where problems, when incurred, are reported back from time to time. However, that leaves many minor detailed ignored and left out. New age HR managers should always be on the lookout themselves.

    For instance, with SHIFTS advanced communication interface you can keep real-time track of performance in any project. As you can communicate instantly and directly, problems can be found and solved with maximum efficiency.

    Documentation is important

    Important policies, agreements, contracts, rules and functions must be documented for smooth company functioning. One might think that it might not be important for a small business, but proper documentation comes in handy every step of the way.

    Make informed hiring and removals

    You may be hiring new talent without an HR professional. This means that you will have to guide him or her through the work process and effect training for the role. Are you up for that? If not then make sure your HR framework is.

    Similarly, when you are firing someone, remember to take care of certain things like

    • Final pay

    • Documentation

    • Severance and contractual agreements

    Stay updated on latest compliances and standards

    There are numerous regulations and standards when it comes to Human Resources . These laws also continue to evolve and change rapidly. That is why it is important to keep monitoring them. Compliance requirements can be easily missed, and they can quickly add up to big penalties that can prove very costly for small employers. Make sure you have advisers like an employment lawyer and accountant to help keep you up-to-date.

    Allow your employees to grow and reward them timely

    HR growth is essential even for small businesses and MSMEs. You should not think that you don’t need employee appraisal and engagement programs just because you are not a multinational.

    In fact, it is quintessential for your employees to feel rewarded on performance you want to scale up. Rewards and appreciation create a close relationship between the company and your employee that transforms into enhanced performance.

    Recognition of reliable performance is essential to a healthy workplace. You don’t want to face retention issues, as employee turnover can be costly. You can avoid this issue by using simple appraisal methods. These can include public recognition, annual appraisals, extra holidays or even a gift certificate occasionally!

    The focus should be to forge employee relationships around trust, loyalty and performance based appraisal. Using tools like automated HRMs helps a lot, but in the end, as an HR manager, your goal should be transparency and efficiency.

    Things to take into consideration when buying a human resources management software

    Even conceiving of operating an organization with a slew of employees without an HR seems out of the way and a nerve-racking experience, especially for the human resources department. To assuage the stress, Human Resource Management Software is the thing you must install in your organization. After all, managing a large staff in an organization is too critical and is just like to put all your eggs in one basket, which will end up good for nothing.

    Managing human resources becomes even more challenging if the company operates from a range of sites. The most obvious answer to the need of managing a large staff of an organization when you have a number of workplaces is to install a staff management team at each and every site. As ill luck would have it, while this can be just the thing when it comes to managing or carrying out day-to-day operations, this initiative can be potentially devastating when it involves maintaining day-to-day records.

    To keep staff management well-organized, many innovative companies commit money into human resource management software without a second thought. Organizations that operate in wide-ranging sites find online Human Resource Software quite obliging. The beauty of the software is that they allow diverse management teams in multiple locations to get access to the software at the same time.

    If you guess that your company needs to commit money into software, take a look at a handful of tips to help you resolve a levelheaded decision:

    1. Human resource software typically comes in a variety of modules. Each module is designed to achieve varied functions and can be added to the remainder of the modules. This gives you the convenience to bespoke and invest solely in the processes that you want to automate.

    2. Yes, the software allows you to automate a variety of definite processes. When you are looking to purchase software, it is worth the idea to look at which processes in your company are the most time-consuming or repetitive. Then look for software that will take care of these processes.

    3. Take a look at your budget as well. It pays to have three options to the minimum to choose from so you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

    4. Take a look at how after-sales support is delivered. Installing the software i.e SHIFTS is simply not an out of the ordinary thing. The key part is to make it work and get the results delivered from it. You can start setting your eyes on reviews to get an idea of how responsive their after-sales support service is.

    4 Great Benefits of Installing Human Resources Management Software in Your Organization

    Human Resource Software is now coming to the front, particularly in the business community where industrial technology is increasingly going up. It has unmistakably made HR system an easier thing to take in hand. With this in mind, a mass of companies is making the most of this technology and one reason for this is to make a reduction in costs relevant to the human resource management.

    A variety of endeavors that human resource staff needs to cope with typically entails considerable extent of time and effort. Therefore, a variety of human resource software has come into existence to deal with this concern. A state-of-the-art HR system is not only implemented for the expediency of human resource staff but is also turned out to be cost effective for the organization itself.

    By installing human resource software, organizations can reap a number of benefits and it is also not few and far between to turn up this specific app, as they are copiously available online.

    Well, without beating around the bush, let us now focus on the benefits of installing human resource management software :

    1. Installing the human resource software delivering competent performance will give your HR department the free will from having to cope with all the hassles of consuming a mass of corporate development programs, forms, and human resources’ files. As a result of utilizing state-of-the-art technology for human resource, it is no longer hard to deal with recruiting and dismissing needs of both small, large businesses.

    2. It can, in no uncertain terms, help to put more down-to-earth and result-oriented systems to deal with the needs of a company’s priceless assets, their staff members. A more flexible and comprehensive software system authorizes companies to readily deal with staff records, keep a tab on payroll data and benefit’s claims, easily analyze personnel information and compute their vacation credits.

    3. It, again, in no uncertain terms, frees HR personnel from the nerve-racking job of manually integrating these date and information to excel spreadsheets and other print documents. Here are a few salient reports that can perhaps be generated will full ease via just the ticket HR software: generate reports, employee’s performance appraisal, vacation and sick leave credits, and employee files.

    4. Many of the state-of-the-art software programs for Human Resources today come furnished with templates for drafting business communication, keeping a journal of the employees’ attendance, maintaining their scheduled payroll etc.

    Summing up all the advantages end to end , no reason remains to try this one out irrespective of your business’ type and size. The nitty-gritty of using a down-to-earth human resources management SHIFTS offer online is to alleviate the management of your HR department at half the cost using the right human resource software.

    8 solid reasons why Human Resources Management Software is the thing for a small-scale organization

    The significance of software for HR Management is increasingly attaining prominence in small-scale businesses these days. It is an observable fact that almost in every large-sized business (with a mass of employees) to have consistently dependent on computer systems to help deal with the process of payroll, hiring and various other key tasks that are into governing such a vast human resources. Now, it is a turn of the tide that even small-scale businesses have started to utilize Human Resources Management software systems too.

    Incidentally, if you are the owner or the administrator of a small-scale business then you would also be looking ahead to making the most of the workforce management solution. Here is how you will be able to learn why a Human Resource Management Software system is the ticket for your small-sized organization:

    1. You unnecessarily have to spend maximum hours just every month when it comes to processing payroll.

    2. You occasionally commit mistakes while computing your payroll, which is very rueful as well as awkward for you and your employees.

    3. Not every time you are certain that the salary you are paying to your employees is what they owe to be paid every month.

    4. You find it an out-of-the-way job to manage and keep up a hive of the personal details of your employees.

    5. Your organization is on the rise and, with that said, the responsibilities to deal with the employees are stepping up too.

    6. Your organization lacks a dependable system that can help you to compute the exact compensation of every employee based on his/her non-attendances, different types of overtime etc.

    7. You lack the inventive initiative that can competently manage the record of your employees who have taken the leaves and for many days they owe to be paid.

    8. You are not able to keep a tab on the number of days your employees have taken leaves annually.

    If simply one or more than one of the instances said above relate to you then it means you entail the need of a HR management software system. With the help of these software systems, you can effortlessly and conveniently keep a track of each and every detail of your employee’s profile details. Also, it will consume very less time to deal with the employee-related details on a monthly-annually basis.

    Employees time and attendance software or Human Resources Management software is a very great way for small-sized organizations to deal with the details of employees every month/year. Now all the way fee at ease with a very special Human Resources Management Software developed by a UK-based company SHIFTS .