Reason for using cloud HRMS

There are many reasons to use Cloud HRMS. Please find below some of the core reasons why using cloud based HRMS can turn out to be extremely beneficial for your company’s overall organizational growth.

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Brief idea or should we say reason for using HRMS are many. Please find below some of the core reasons why using cloud based HRMS can turn out to be extremely beneficial for your company’s overall organizational growth –

An HRMS is Human Resource Management Software in short. It combines many human resource functions; including benefits administration, payroll, training and recruiting, analysis etc.

It can effectively help your company save time, effort and money while accelerating the overall productivity of your company. Companies irrespective of niches are readily opting for HRMS. Now, when it comes to cloud based HRMS, it refers to managing and storing company and its productivity data on the cloud thereby gaining access to the data anytime; anywhere!

The core advantage of having a cloud based HRMS is that it quickly helps you redesign your process.

Please find below some coffer reasons why using cloud based HRMS is beneficial for your organizational growth. We ensure to cover the most important deciders!

  • Improved data management –

    An HRMS can help you effectively manage your employee data as well as the necessary information on benefits; such as enrollment and status changes etc.

  • Employee self service –

    An HRMS can enable employees to update information without the help of involving HR professionals thereby freeing the latter to work on tasks that are more important.

  • Central storage system –

    An HRMS can help companies access info from one central storage. It makes the compliance record simple and easy. It also means that there is a central location for accessing documents such as employee handbooks, procedures and safety guidelines.

  • Fewer systems to manage –

    Many companies decide to develop complete HRMS integration with payroll software, and other company financial software systems.

  • Enhanced employee development –

    The software can be used to track employee development paradigms .

  • On-demand reporting –

    The software can help you manage on-demand reporting which means whenever you need to report anything regarding the company development or employee structure; you can leverage on the software

  • Holistic development of process-oriented functions –

    An HRMS software can be holistically used to leverage on a number of benefits thoughtfully. It can help you channelize your company development programs with regards to the skills and qualities of your company.

  • Management and tracking of recruitment data –

    Many HRMS software systems include recruitment components such as applicant and resume management.



Reasons to Conduct a Review on Human Resource Department


HR resource department is extremely crucial for the smooth functioning of your organization. It is responsible for hiring the talented resources, managing compensation, rewards, safety and payroll related matters. It also is responsible for ensuring proper set of holistic training to resources. In short, identifying and meeting the standalone requirements of company resources and then aligning their expectations with the company’s and thus deriving out the best in them for the overall organizational benefit is what an HR department seeks to achieve.

A fully functional HR department is pivotal for the overall growth and acceleration of a company. On the contrary, an HR department which is not well-versed with the updated trends of HR processes, and lacks necessary resources to perform well functionally, can earn a company a range of issues; starting from the mismanagement of resources, to lacking proper set of policies that can minimize company obstacles.

A review on its HR department can therefore minimize the burden on the company and makes the department entirely accountable and thus prepare it to adapt with changing demands and thus readily channelize its efforts towards better functioning.

Please find below some of the core reasons why a review on human resource department is crucial for a company.

  • To ensure that the company’s hiring, payroll, training and other heads are at par and with compliance of the government’s prescribed set of rules and regulations.
  • To ensure if the structure of your human resource department is set up for the overall growth of your organization
  • To identify the core strengths of your HR process
  • To identify the weak areas that requires improvements
  • To give clear set of structured guidelines on the areas of improvement

Other than these, a review on the department can help reduce the gap of communication between the advisory and the HR department. The policy makers of the company, when a review is done and the results are out, can pinpoint on the core areas that require improvement and thus channelize the entire organizational goal towards better productivity.

These are just some of the most important things that prove a review on HR team is extremely beneficial for the overall growth of your company. To learn more visit ShiftsApp – an excellent app for employee time management, includes time & attendance software, staff scheduling software etc.

What HR Technologies Should Be There In Human Resource Management Software?

HR technology is undergoing a disruptive period. The lack of traditional jobs while the availability and generation of future-oriented work profiles, the challenges of organizations to meet up the demands of trending time, the instability of the market given the redefinition of managerial jobs are making the HR departments across organizations to channelize their existing work, and reorganize their duties in order to live up to the evolving market. In this tough time, organizations need to be smart! Learn how!

What is the definition of a HR technology that can redefine human resource management?

Such a technology can retool your existing work, channelize your process and redefine your work priorities in a simplified manner – giving you ample scope to meet up the evolving challenges of modern times and helping you counter the new-age challenges smartly. It should be equipped with all the necessary tools!

  • A technology that can improve performance management
  • A technology that can help you measure real-time engagement evaluation
  • A technology that can help you with people analytics
  • A technology that can help you bring maturation of the learning market
  • A technology that can help you note down and define your priorities for future jobs
  • A technology that can help you achieve growth in work management
  • A technology that can help you integrate team management tools
  • So, what a state of the art software for human management seek to bring –


    State of the art software would focus on bringing high quality collaboration for enhanced productivity within your HR roles

    Seamless communication

    When communication is simplified and channelized, the entire process become simple!

    Adoption with new age technologies

    When it comes to designing and developing new age technologies for a better defined HR management software; it needs to be ensured that it can easily connect and collaborate with new age technologies.

    So, a good HR technology adds all of these important deciders and features. The entire software should be made of state of the art features and the process of channelizing the efforts need to be based on the trend of the time.

    Do you think this article has helped you form an insight of a new age and highly welll-eqipped and state of theart technology? Do you think it’s high time you should invest in a good software for improving your HR functions? Please click the website!

    How Human Resources affect Company expenditure?

    Can human resource affect your bottom line? It does and does so by huge margins. One of the underlying and perhaps often neglected, ignored fact is that many companies invest a lot specifically on their standalone HR team but when it comes to getting results, they yield nothing substantial.

    Any organization would dream to have a team of expert HR professionals that can flawlessly improve its profit margins, improve the company’s reputation, brings on board truly experienced and positively minded resource who can lead change, positively impact the cost of goods sold, lower the day’s sales outstanding. But sadly enough in the absence of proper accountability system; and channelized mechanism; actual return out of investment made from the HR team often becomes hard to measure for some companies.

    Not just the HR team, the expenses incurred in training, and guiding the company’s internal and external resources (if required) means a lot of investment. On the top of that, the absence of holistic mechanism to pinpoint the actual yield from the effort make the entire process of measurement more fictional than facts.

    The case of employee attendance for example can be populated with lots of flaws and errors if it is not properly automated. Optimizing human resource means learning to channelize Budget process, Positioning of empowered control process and time to time execution of Functional analysis. Allowing HR team to be more than their defined framework. Train them to be more than a transactional team. Empower them to become strategic partners on your growth story. Like that, channelize the entire growth process and learn how to effectively automate and customize the human resource process.

    Tasks like HR Administration, Training and Benefits are always targets for small companies to cut costs. While it is good to consolidate, the holistic way and approach to tackle the evolving challenges is to outsource HR tasks. Most companies would often look for software programs that can help them meet the goals. This is a good option since things can be simplified in-house.

    With Staff Scheduling & Workforce Management Software such as SHIFTS, you can reduce HR costs while without affecting your process.

    SHIFTS is featured with Effortless Implementation & Effective Support

    It automatically resolves in process issues and guides where your employees need to be put and when.

    SHIFTS is user friendly, easy to use, which means as a user you don’t need any prior expertise, experience or training to use it.

    In short, using services such as SHIFTS , you can effortlessly channelize your HR process and save money!


    Tips for choosing the Best HR Software for Organization

    Why would an organization require HR software? The reasons are infinite. In today’s volatile marketing eco system, where the parameters of performance is changing every minute, the need for a strong, able, channelized HR department is extremely important. However, thinking the entire fleet of HR department can uncomplicate all the core organizational challenges and help your process overcome the hurdles of development is an entirely wrong idea.

    A company relies over its HR department for a number of core process and organizational related matters –

    An HR department usually performs a number of core tasks, including – job postings, sourcing candidates, conducting preliminary interviews, screening applicants, and coordinating hiring efforts with managers among other tasks.

    Another important function of HR is to support workplace safety training, moderating employees towards working in a holistic set up, promoting the culture of universal brotherhood within the organization.

    Employee relations is another important duty HR department performs.
    Other than these, looking after compensation benefits, ensuring compliance, training and development are the vital duties performed by the HR team.

    Performing all the tasks together might turn out to be more for a department, if it is inexperienced or lack necessary resources. Even in bigger organizations, they need more balance and control in order to make their HR department fully productive. This is when they need to rely on a human resource management software.

    HRMS; short for human resource management system is a specialized type of human resource software which combines the unique systems and processes that streamlines a company’s employee data. It is used by companies to assist HR departments store employee data, managing payroll, tracking applicants, keeping track of attendance and more. The entire software is designed to make the life of HR department easier, so that they can focus on other important tasks.

    Now, given the competitive market and so many options, how an organization rely on a software? Here we cover some unique ways to compare, choose and opt for a good software.

    Easy installation process

    The entire software should be extremely easy to set up, There is no reasons to go with a software which is complicated to use and takes time yielding you results.

    Easy to use

    The entire software should be easy to use. The preferences and features your organization needs to add in the software should be effortless. Some software providers offer free, personalized demos, and free trials. Please make sure you try it, before opting for the fully paid version.

    Ongoing software support

    This is the vital thing! Good software is software that offers standalone support. It should be equipped with state of the art process and systems with highly improved and sophisticated support systems so that whenever you need help, it can assist you!

    Other than these, a good HR management system software should have good reviews in the marketplace, and it should be affordable. You cannot afford to invest on a highly over priced software, if you are absolutely new to it and needs to learn how the entire stuff works.


    Benefits of Human Resource Management Software in Remote Office

    Before we pinpoint the benefits associated with human resource management in remote office, let us first understand what a remote office is. A remote office or a branch office (ROBO) is a specialized type of office located in a remote or a different geographical area. An organization may be headquartered in an entirely different place – far away from where its remote branch office is located.

    Now, what is human resource management software? Human resource management software is designed for small and mid-sized enterprises. They are also called HRMS in short. The powerful and easy to use, and uncomplicated software allows your HR team to begin working efficiently when it comes to utilizing their time. This human resource management system software feature a number of crucially vital things and content, including but not limited to HR employee data management, job data management, employee training data management etc.

    There are a number of standalone benefits associated with human resource management software. These software are designed to help employees and management perform at their full potential. It can help HRs perform a range of standalone tasks from recruiting, on boarding formalities, channelizing workflow, invoicing existing workforce to better deliver, payroll management etc to name a few.

    Using human resource management software can uncomplicate the unique challenges an organization is facing and it can significantly streamline the entire process within an organization. When the software is used holistically, it can drastically improve the organizational workflow and channelize systems. As we mentioned earlier, the entire scope and definition of HRMS is to improve organizational workflow.

    When implemented within the ambit of remote office, HRMS can do a lot of standalone jobs. It can make the resources within the remote office more accountable towards their task and productivity. It can make reports and statistics more accessible to management who might require them at any point of time.

    Using HRMS in remote set up can also bring down fake attendance and buddy punching system which might be wide spread in the absence of skilled and senior managers in the office. The human resource management software when used practically within the legally defined framework can actually change the traditional mode of working and excel the contemporary learning modules by pinpointing who might need training, who might need a salary hike and who would be suitable for a reconsideration.

    So, it is a prove fact that using human resource management software for the betterment of remote office is a good idea. To learn how the usefulness of a remote office can be made useful using state of the art, fully beneficial and highly structured and layered process of HRMS, you might want to click the Website NOW.

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