Top tips for choosing payroll system software

Every business needs a payroll system to pay the salary to their staff. To make these process simpler and convenient businesses these days are using payroll software system. Payroll software is highly efficient and reduces a lot of time spent on the generation of payroll in the month end. If you have decided to introduce one for your system it is important to know few things before making your choice.

Choosing payroll system software for your business reduces the burden of work and saves a lot of time and money. By introducing this system business can focus more on its growth and expansion rather than spending time on other activities. There is no need for gaining expertise in running payroll software but there is surely a need to buy the software system that accomplishes all the requirements of your business.

Here are a few tips for choosing a payroll software system

  • Size does matter: The main aim of the payroll software is to ensure that all the calculations and deductions are performed efficiently. Choose payroll software by considering the size of the organization.
  • Telephonic and email support: It is profitable to buy payroll software that offers telephonic and email support.
  • Ease of use: Buying payroll software for your organization can be very effective if it offers ease of use. Though it does not require any special qualification, software with easy features is quite effective for the overall organization.
  • Cost: Even if your business is earning high profits, there is no need to spend extra money by buying expensive payroll software. Compare the software cost before picking one for your organization.
  • Features: It is also important to consider the software features that best suits the need of your organization. Consider its payment type, pay period, tax-paying capability, management of time and attendance feature etc.
  • Free trial: It is beneficial to choose a payroll system that comes with a free trial. This helps in understanding its functioning before making the payment.
  • Security: Software should provide enough security to the employee’s data from any theft or loss.

How Payroll Software Reduces Your Workload

Payroll software can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. If you run a business, did you notice how much time it takes for your financial staff to manage and maintain payroll? It takes much time to organize payroll timely, and on an average, your staff needs tens of workdays to manage the entire process. This is where you can ask a few questions to yourself – Is it good to manually check the payroll process, is it a great idea to use payroll automating software to improve the entire system?

Studies prove payroll software is beneficial in a number of ways . Please find below top ways a payroll software can help you improve your productivity.

Saves time

Payroll related tasks and duties excel as business grows. As your number of employees grows, processing payroll in-house takes much time, and effort and add on to the work load. Given the complexity, it is always very important that you use payroll software; which can bring down the effort. Using a payroll software can bring down the time required to automate process and improve the productivity level to new heights.

Track hours worked and wages paid

It is very important for a business organization to track the work hours of its resources and keeping a balance on the wages paid. Using an automated process; which automatically tracks work hours of employees, you can easily keep a track of their productivity and save on manual tasks. This could help you avoid an expensive IRS audit or fine.

Avoiding Guess

Every kind of reporting format requires a different type of reporting rules. In order to develop a solid and pinpointed guidelines and automating the reporting of the taxes and values added, businesses need to understand that leaving away from the boundary of the old taxing reporting system and embracing the new ones such as automated and organized software is the way to go.

Why use?

Using a payroll software can uncomplicated the entire process of managing your staffing details and financial information. It can bring improved range of solid work balance and enhance the organizational productivity.

The entire process of automating your payroll process can significantly enhance your work balance, and excel your team.

Should you want to learn more about an automated and fully balanced and highly feature enriched payroll software which works like wonder, we recommend you visit the website now.

Companies irrespective of industries rely on highly useful productivity suits and payroll automation software to improve their entire process and mange change. The more balanced and articulate your entire selection points are while it comes to choosing a good payroll software, better is your chance to leverage on the potentiality of a good software product; which can help you reach new levels of creativity and achieve long-standing values. Good automated software can significantly improve values in an organization and add a good work culture. Automation is the future and companies need to understand the shift to stay competitive.


How to Avoid Expensive HR Errors?

People are the most valuable resource for any private or public organisation, business or institution. That is why HR development and growth is one of the most important corporate functions.

The immense responsibility alone makes it a challenge. That is why errors like lapse of judgment frequently run in the industry.

In the last decade, resource management software has taken over many key HR functions like payroll management, communication interfacing, attendance, etc. HRM Software helps automate certain functions that carry a high probability of error and thus nullifies chances of the same. However, some loopholes remain.

Here are someapointers on how to avoid expensive HR errors:

Don’t wait for problems to be reported

Many managers call it the “open door policy” where problems, when incurred, are reported back from time to time. However, that leaves many minor detailed ignored and left out. New age HR managers should always be on the lookout themselves.

For instance, with SHIFTS advanced communication interface you can keep real-time track of performance in any project. As you can communicate instantly and directly, problems can be found and solved with maximum efficiency.

Documentation is important

Important policies, agreements, contracts, rules and functions must be documented for smooth company functioning. One might think that it might not be important for a small business, but proper documentation comes in handy every step of the way.

Make informed hiring and removals

You may be hiring new talent without an HR professional. This means that you will have to guide him or her through the work process and effect training for the role. Are you up for that? If not then make sure your HR framework is.

Similarly, when you are firing someone, remember to take care of certain things like

• Final pay

• Documentation

• Severance and contractual agreements

Stay updated on latest compliances and standards

There are numerous regulations and standards when it comes to Human Resources . These laws also continue to evolve and change rapidly. That is why it is important to keep monitoring them. Compliance requirements can be easily missed, and they can quickly add up to big penalties that can prove very costly for small employers. Make sure you have advisers like an employment lawyer and accountant to help keep you up-to-date.

Allow your employees to grow and reward them timely

HR growth is essential even for small businesses and MSMEs. You should not think that you don’t need employee appraisal and engagement programs just because you are not a multinational.

In fact, it is quintessential for your employees to feel rewarded on performance you want to scale up. Rewards and appreciation create a close relationship between the company and your employee that transforms into enhanced performance.

Recognition of reliable performance is essential to a healthy workplace. You don’t want to face retention issues, as employee turnover can be costly. You can avoid this issue by using simple appraisal methods. These can include public recognition, annual appraisals, extra holidays or even a gift certificate occasionally!

The focus should be to forge employee relationships around trust, loyalty and performance based appraisal. Using tools like automated HRMs helps a lot, but in the end, as an HR manager, your goal should be transparency and efficiency.

Cost to Develop Resource Management Software

Given the title of the blog, you would have already guessed what we are pointing at. Having a look at the trends of the current market, it would be very easy to develop your own solution for managing human resources in your organization.

Also, prior to stepping to the fore to talk about the price rates, let us first characterize what type of work will be carried out. We will take help of UI/UX design and web development. The cost for software development varies all across the globe, and every company set its own price rates, which greatly depend on two key factors: location and the value of work.

While we have been discussing an app that can deal with all your human resource management processes very well, let us take a look at what this solution might cost reckoning with all the features we are about to list below:

1. Recruitment Module

  • Creating jobs with descriptions
  • Creating employee and candidate profiles
  • Posting jobs on job websites and social networks
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Assessing candidates (with likes or stars)
    Sharing CVs
  • The recruitment module costs around $25,920-$28,800 to develop.

2. Onboarding Module

  • Creating and editing onboarding tasks
  • Assigning onboarding tasks to employees
  • Tracking onboardings tasks
  • Task management dashboard
  • The onboarding module costs around $22,680-$25,200 to develop.

3. Performance Tracking Module

  • Goal tracking
  • Performance feedback
  • Generating reports about employees performance (through transcripts of achievements), overall company performance and more
  • To develop a module like this, expect to spend around $11,660-$12,960.

4. Benefits Management Module

  • Incorporating benefit plans
  • Sharing benefit plans with employees
  • Turning about reports about the range of benefits per employee, monthly benefit expenditures, etc.
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Expect to spend around $11,660-$12,960 on developing a benefits management module.

5. Training Module

  • Lists of training
  • Scheduling trainings
  • Keeping a tab on employee training progress
  • Events calendar
  • Application system for training
  • Document management
  • This module is estimated at $12,960-$14,400 to develop.

6. Payroll Module

  • Payroll tracking
  • Request management (sick leave, time off, vacation)
  • Work hours tracking
  • Compensation and benefit plans
  • Payroll notifications
  • Generation of payment reports and paychecks
  • Payroll dashboard for employees
  • Finally, the payroll module costs around $23,320-$25,920.

Finishing up

Now while we have worked out a ballpark figure of the cost of developing the features of a Resource Management App , it is easy to guess that it will cost approximately 2,800 hours (3.8 months) of developers’ time to build a comprehensive human resources management application. However, the most provocative question about any software development is the cost. To put in simple words, you should brace yourself to pay $113,400 (2,800 hours X $45/hour average rate) for a comprehensive HR management product that is inclusive of all the features required by your HR managers and employees.

It consumes a plenty of time and effort when it comes to building a web application for a specific reason. At SHIFTS , we enjoy to take up and deal with the challenges, and during the stint of our being in the industry, we have developed a handful of applications for HR departments. The ballpark figures we have mentioned in this blog content are dependent on our prior experience however if you want a ballpark figure relevant to your needs, feel free to get in touch us and let us know your idea!

Easy Way to Define Entity and Additional Custom Logic (Crud) In Module

Concerning an easy way to define entity and additional custom logic (CRUD) in module, basically three options are available, out of which the first one cannot be exactly comprehended as an option exactly:

1. If you are good at PHP coding, it is worthy of creating an entity type by dint of the admin interface, and create a new node.html. twig template file, however this lacks the competence to carry out custom PHP logic and deliver the information to twig.

2. You can create a content type in a component and define the fields by dint of the admin. If you are able to read and analyze it the proper way, this can be carried out via drupal generate: entity:content with the Drupal Console.

3. You can create a module in which you can define the content type and hard-code all the fields. This in general is less flexible but is perhaps a more powerful option: in case something out of the ordinary happens with the database, there is no need to recreate the structure.

Both option 2 and option 3 seem feasible. Considering the options, a custom template can readily be created in the module sooner or later.

For more information on learning the east way to define entity and additional custom logic (CRUD), please visit the website

SHIFTS’ Features Hassle-free and Highly Effective Time and Attendance Systems for Your Business

The system for Time and Attendance Control is responsible for controlling the internal and external staff of an organization.

This software is a powerful system, which opens the door to a new level of information that will provide your organization with a new vision about the current and historical status of compliance staff schedules, and allow a vision plan for the future from a solid information base.

Employee Time And Attendance Systems is today a cardinal part of every business. The management staff of every organization well understands the need to seamlessly record, store and process employee time records and you are maybe having a look at our site because your existing such systems are not delivering up to the mark performance to you.

Shifts Time & Attendance Solutions are just the ticket for you as our systems have helped a mass of other companies similar to yours. It all just starts with a phone call to one of our knowledgeable system analysts and it ends with a customized solution for your business that deals with the issues that all businesses deal with – perfect, well-timed and infallible employee records.

In and out, it is so simple

Keep track of your presence with a simple click. Stamp in; change to the pause or any other activity and at the end of the day, just stamping out. Either on the PC or on the road via a Smartphone, thanks to the Cloud, you can now easily record your working hours at any time.

Start, end, and pause

You can define the breaks or activities, and then you can get an overview of the total working hours and breaks or activities in the hour record. Depending on your role, you can also see the team members’ timetable.

E-mail and export your e-mail

Once the hour slip is filled, you can easily export, print or e-mail it to your colleagues or boss. If you need more details, you also have an overview of the presence in the reports and the calendar of time tracking.

With SHIFTS’, you will not only get a simple app but will also help you to analyze the data. In Time Tracking, you can use the reports to more closely examine your employees’ data, while you can set and evaluate billing hour rates. With the integrated modules, plus the possible integration with other apps, you have everything that you need to manage the work.