Common Misconceptions about Payroll Process and Outsourcing

There are a good variety of tasks which organizations can prefer to outsource rather than doing in-house to save on their valued time, effort and money. One of the core tasks that they usually outsource is payroll management. However, there are a lot of organizations that have wrong ideas about this move. This article debunks some common misconceptions about payroll software

Common Misconceptions about Payroll Process and Outsourcing

Only big companies can afford to outsource payroll related work

This is a bad idea. There are a number of companies which are small and they can even have the affordability and power to outsource their payroll related work. Even a number of well-known vendors offer competitive prices for small businesses.

Why outsource and waste money when it can be done in house

Outsourcing can be expensive. This is indeed one of the most inaccurate ideas exist about payroll. Actually, payroll can be expensive if done in-house. This is because outsourcing can earn you savings in the form of working in pinpointed goals – saving you from expenses of employing dedicated payroll professional and most importantly outsourcing can allow you to access skilled manpower at a fraction of the cost

Payroll outsourcing setup is complicated

This is another misconception that exists about payroll outsourcing. It is actually very easy and simple to setup payroll, if you are taking the help of professional service provider . Payroll outsourcing can help you save time, effort and money – if you are defined about what you need and how you need. The payroll outsourcing set up when done by an expert vendor can easily help your company to easily integrate into the systematic process

Outsourcing is not safe

Contrary to what is usually thought, outsourcing is that bad. There are many big companies exist who specifically work dedicatedly to offer real-time, and highly skilled outsourcing services. You can easily trust their expertise and count on their standalone experiences when it comes to designing and developing affordable but highly useful outsourcing services. There are companies who employ highly pinpointed mechanism and have on board skilled manpower who ensure that the content they work for you is safe and secured.

Common Misconceptions about Payroll Process and Outsourcing

Those were about the misconceptions about payroll outsourcing. Now, the following are a few generic misconceptions about payroll in general

  • Setting up a payroll is a one-time process
  • Payroll means only salary calculation
  • HR or finance team can develop it
  • It does not necessarily involve employee taxes
  • The core about payroll is that it is only fully transactional
  • Payroll process can enhance employee productivity

These are a few misconceptions about payroll outsourcing payroll and payroll process in general.


How Attendance Tracking Systems Can Improve Employee Productivity

Shifts 4 key ways a tracking system is helpful for a company

Some companies entertain a free, freedom-central work culture where employees can set their own work hours, be attentive at the comfort of their own home, set their own professional priorities while balancing their personal life.

This type of working culture is of course important as long as a company is focused on producing results, and not merely measuring man hours of work. But there are times when professional work environment need to be very much pinpointed, detailed, and focused on delivering results which is based on the productivity of discipline.

Now, when we talk about discipline; many factors collectively play a pivotal role in helping a company experience its true potential. One of the measures that can help measuring company productivity and channelize its workflow is attendance-tracking system. Not just it helps a company tracks the real-time attendance of its work force, it makes them more accountable; disciplined, and they get inspired to become part of your growth evolution. This article covers four key ways a tracking system is helpful for a company.

Shifts 4 key ways a tracking system is helpful for a company

Rewards generate better productivity

Employee attendance is naturally to boost and enhance when an employer announces revenue and gifts for the most productive employee. One of the measures to determine the productive employee is to look at the attendance score. The Better The Employee Attendance Track Record, better is the scope for getting the rewards. So, attendance tracking system can promote a culture of rewards and it can lead to better productivity and inspiration to do better.

Improves discipline

A tracking system helps a company to pinpoint the most important aspects of a holistic work culture – discipline. A company where resources often miss the job is a company that needs to maintain some constructive measures to improve the attendance system. Measuring who is coming when improves discipline and helps a company streamline the work productivity.

Promotes competition to do well

When a tracking system is installed; employees can compete with themselves very well, they will try to surpass each other in terms of coming on time. This promotes a culture of competitiveness and this can reflect in the work they do.

Checks the culture of attendance malpractice

Employee attendance tracking system can keep a tab on the malpractice done by many resources to pretend they are on time. When the entire culture of reporting becomes simple, and no one can report anything false; the entire office becomes productive.

These are just some of the Benefits of Attendance Tracking Systems should you want to learn more about Attendance Tracking Systems; you might want to click the website :

Top 5 Ways HR Software Can Improve Employee Workflow

HR software can help streamline employee workflow in a number of ways; including improving accessibility, bringing administrative efficiency, enhancing communication, mitigation of risks, and most importantly but not the last upgrading analytical capabilities. This article will cover each of these standalone factors to analyze how

Improving accessibility

The best benefit HR software brings is liberating an office from its over dependency on paper based work system. With HR software handy; resources can migrate their vital data and statistics online, or embed these into offline software landscape. When a data is saved into the software; it is a challenge to let it make accessible. This is where HR software can bring simplicity . They can make it extremely simple to people to access the data for their work. So, improved accessibility and the freedom for anyone to use it in sync with the work they do make such a software really useful. In other words, easy accessibility simplifies improved planning and improved planning makes workflow easy

Bringing superior administrative efficiency

A lot of valued time, effort and money of a company is wasted in diverting core focus in administrative work when it has a lot of other work to do. However; with HR software in place, Monitoring and tracking and using employee behavior become extremely simple. Simple to highly effective details such as pay slip, holiday time, expertise, experience, jobs served, clients handled can easily be managed using a systematic software.

Enhancing communication

Communication is one of the vital part of organizational productivity. HR software is populated with strategic information – that are time bound and very important for the overall growth of the company. It has contact information of company employees – so rather than individually asking for information; an HR can simply use the software to contact anyone or everyone virtually using preformatted template for email and other sorts of personalized communication like an announcement.

Mitigation of risks

Misunderstood communication often leads to confusion and it creates situations when employees can approach legal action to prove their point, they can deny reading an email. In such a case; an HR software which comes with read and accept options; easily makes it simple to safeguard a company’s point of view by storing favorable data.


HR software alerts you accordingly when something goes wrong during the application of a task. Since information is stored on the cloud; many organizational risks can be easily tackled
Other than the points mentioned above; HR software can easily improve the analytical capabilities of an organization. When it comes to computing minutest of data in error-free and simplified manner; HR software can easily solve the problem and help in the use of data and computing.

How to Improve Productivity with Employee Scheduling software

Employee scheduling software like SHIFTS boosts the working morale of workforce, streamlines their operational productivity, improves their organizational agility, helps them be their best. Moreover, from organizational perspective; the software brings in higher work output, excels a company’s revenue potential, saves time, brings greater operational efficiency, and integrates regulations.

What is after all an employee scheduling software?

As the name denotes, it is a software used for developing employee schedules. It allows you to holistically use your payroll hours. The software smartly calculates an employee’s time, work output and contributions towards the organizational productivity. The aim of the software is to streamline the way you organize your workforce schedule.

Key benefits

Most of the benefits of an employee scheduling software are mentioned above. If we measure the benefits into points, here are some key findings

1. Improves the key productivity of a company’s HR team

2. Helps avoid payroll overages and also the overtime costs

3. Allows employees to access their own personalized schedules

4. Improves the organizational agility of a company and its workforce

5. Helps employees better interact with changes and improves their productivity

6. Helps develop an efficient schedules

How a improve productivity with employee scheduling software

Agility and timeliness improve the productive reach of any company

If software is designed to bring out competitive scheduling in a holistic manner, it can really boost productivity –

In today’s competitive marketing ecosystem, every company that deals in consumer products/services – either digitally or otherwise – needs to be unique and productive. Bringing agility and timeliness are extremely vital to maintain the competitiveness of a system. Part of the objective to impart agility into a working system can be incorporated by installing Employee Scheduling Software

Scheduling can help boost employee work

When personalized feedback is gathered, it is natural for an employee to improvise his or her work output. Based on personalized result; he or she can improve his career and even improve the organizational agility.

Scheduling brings alive responsibility

When it comes to ensuring responsibility within an organization; the most important part of the matter is to divide the responsibility. A software that enhance the organizational productivity automatically enhance the sense of responsibility.

These are some of the core ways employee scheduling software can enhance work!