Cost to Develop Resource Management Software

Given the title of the blog, you would have already guessed what we are pointing at. Having a look at the trends of the current market, it would be very easy to develop your own solution for managing human resources in your organization.

Also, prior to stepping to the fore to talk about the price rates, let us first characterize what type of work will be carried out. We will take help of UI/UX design and web development. The cost for software development varies all across the globe, and every company set its own price rates, which greatly depend on two key factors: location and the value of work.

While we have been discussing an app that can deal with all your human resource management processes very well, let us take a look at what this solution might cost reckoning with all the features we are about to list below:

1. Recruitment Module

  • Creating jobs with descriptions
  • Creating employee and candidate profiles
  • Posting jobs on job websites and social networks
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Assessing candidates (with likes or stars)
    Sharing CVs
  • The recruitment module costs around $25,920-$28,800 to develop.

2. Onboarding Module

  • Creating and editing onboarding tasks
  • Assigning onboarding tasks to employees
  • Tracking onboardings tasks
  • Task management dashboard
  • The onboarding module costs around $22,680-$25,200 to develop.

3. Performance Tracking Module

  • Goal tracking
  • Performance feedback
  • Generating reports about employees performance (through transcripts of achievements), overall company performance and more
  • To develop a module like this, expect to spend around $11,660-$12,960.

4. Benefits Management Module

  • Incorporating benefit plans
  • Sharing benefit plans with employees
  • Turning about reports about the range of benefits per employee, monthly benefit expenditures, etc.
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Expect to spend around $11,660-$12,960 on developing a benefits management module.

5. Training Module

  • Lists of training
  • Scheduling trainings
  • Keeping a tab on employee training progress
  • Events calendar
  • Application system for training
  • Document management
  • This module is estimated at $12,960-$14,400 to develop.

6. Payroll Module

  • Payroll tracking
  • Request management (sick leave, time off, vacation)
  • Work hours tracking
  • Compensation and benefit plans
  • Payroll notifications
  • Generation of payment reports and paychecks
  • Payroll dashboard for employees
  • Finally, the payroll module costs around $23,320-$25,920.

Finishing up

Now while we have worked out a ballpark figure of the cost of developing the features of a Resource Management App , it is easy to guess that it will cost approximately 2,800 hours (3.8 months) of developers’ time to build a comprehensive human resources management application. However, the most provocative question about any software development is the cost. To put in simple words, you should brace yourself to pay $113,400 (2,800 hours X $45/hour average rate) for a comprehensive HR management product that is inclusive of all the features required by your HR managers and employees.

It consumes a plenty of time and effort when it comes to building a web application for a specific reason. At SHIFTS , we enjoy to take up and deal with the challenges, and during the stint of our being in the industry, we have developed a handful of applications for HR departments. The ballpark figures we have mentioned in this blog content are dependent on our prior experience however if you want a ballpark figure relevant to your needs, feel free to get in touch us and let us know your idea!


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