The salient features of SHIFTS’ human resource management software and Payroll system software

Regardless of the number of people working in your organization, SHIFTS’ human resource management and payroll system software involves many tasks that can be carried out with using integrated, flexible and user-friendly software. We offer HR and Payroll software that are guaranteed to meet all the specific needs of pay combined with those of human resources.

SHIFTS’ HR and Payroll comes combined with a variety of special features to meet the needs of your human resources department to help to carry out the management of the staff hiring process.

Here are the salient features of our payroll and human resources management software:


Flexibility and Effectiveness in Managing Employees and Tasks

The user can add fields according to his/her needs; manipulate the predefined values and upgrade them when required. Thus, the user can right away enroll a new employee or a new task turned up in the organization.

Fluid flow of information without transferring files

The user, without making any additional entries, can transfer data from employee records, payments to employees, payroll to accounts payable, workforce plan, ledger, and even Word documents from the suite of Microsoft package.

Simplified budgeting

Our “workforce plan” module enables the administrator to effortlessly and seamlessly gauge the employee’s past, present and future payroll. You can also follow the varied management indicators via an integrated and flexible report generator.

Simplified management of your establishment with the Internet Portal

SHIFTS’ HR and Payroll system software is the perfect tool for organized and effective communication between the diverse partakers of your organization. Whether he/she is an employee or for an administrator, everyone will reap the benefits from the tool.

This solution the most organized and effective tool because it enables simplifying the management process payroll by allowing the user to examine his file from any workstation connected to the Internet and this safely.

The long and short of SHIFTS’ HR and Payroll systems is that they naturally come combined with all the solutions that will help you to deal with the respective activities that typically take place in your organization.


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