SHIFTS’ Human Resources Management Software- Deal with all your challenging HR tasks the easies way

Human Resources Management Software

The modern world should have modern concepts and implementations. So when it comes to managing the HR management, the use of Human Resources Management Software should be used instead of the traditional paperwork, which is time-consuming and challenging. So let us stop giving a grievance to the department instead of changing the way it works. The human Resources Management software is the answer to that all.

SHIFTS’ Human Resources Management Software:

SHIFTS is armed with the experienced people and utilize cutting-edge tools and technologies that can help transform your Human Resources management from an administrative function to a stable, efficient vital and a cardinal part of your business. And we, at SHIFTS, urge you to start with simplicity. By automating HR services, you can make the activity more efficient and free up resources to pay attention to the most planned opportunities and central activities that help propel your business to grow and compete with the competitors.

Reap SHIFTS’ HR Management’s benefits now:

1. You will be able to centralize on your goals rather than the hassle of the global Human Resources Management

2. Negligible paperwork and more accurate records

3. Reports that will aid you to be aware of your employees’ activities, make more levelheaded hiring decisions and help them work more professionally.

4. Tools for you and your employees that are a great fun to use.

We are ready to cater to your need:

It’s time to turn over a new leaf and make HR management the easiest and hassle-free process. And we at SHIFTS are ready to turn the initiative into a reality. So it is a great time to juggle around with the global Human Resources Management. So what do you think? Are you ready to get it from us?

SHIFTS’ Employee Scheduling Software – Schedule your Employees the Best and Smartest way

Long gone is the time when employee scheduling tools were specifically designed and targeted to large-scale organizations but it is a turn of the tide that the tool is also a valuable choice for both medium and small businesses too. SHIFTS is the foremost provider of innovative employee scheduling software solutions that are furnished with immense features and functionalities Our one-of-its-kind strategy of targeted workforce solutions will facilitate you to competently schedule and coordinate staff resources like a dream!

Employee scheduling is widespread in a variety of domains; whether it is a large school having a large staff of teachers and professors, managing passengers and shipment in the busiest shipping track in the world, or streamlining 24/7 policing in any organization. SHIFTS’ workflow backs up these time-proven standards and facilitates you to ‘customize’ employee schedules to strengthen your bottom line powerfully.

What We Do

We take the complex factors into our consideration and analyze them very well specifically for organizations with extended working hours.

We assist business managers in getting to the core of the bottom-line of the implementation of these high-end and useful approaches to staff working arrangements. We also help them steer clear of the high-ticket short-term staffing solutions caused by the want of arrangement. We walk the extra mile to help our clients make the immense savings by offering them the most cost-effective and ease of use Employee Scheduling Software free of cost. Anyone can get off the ground on a cost-cutting approach that helps promote the business performance.

At SHIFTS, we also facilitate business managers to use employee scheduling software systematically, thus spurring team leaders and line managers to stably deliver a valuable team targeted to business goals. This comprises ‘profound’ knowledge transfer with regards to cutting-edge techniques in computerized employee scheduling.

We are dedicated to offering dyed-in-the-wool and down-to-earth 24/7 customer support to ensure business managers can make the most of their investment through our solutions. So get the futile idea to spend a fortune out of your mind to experience a great time and wonderful savings. Most of our clients having started reaping the benefits through our employees scheduling software in terms of exceptionally well returns on their investment or ROI within just a few days of the implementation of our system. Why don’t you try our software and experience the same benefits as our clients reap. We guarantee you never regret but you will rather appreciate it to the fullest!

The salient features of SHIFTS’ human resource management software and Payroll system software

Regardless of the number of people working in your organization, SHIFTS’ human resource management and payroll system software involves many tasks that can be carried out with using integrated, flexible and user-friendly software. We offer HR and Payroll software that are guaranteed to meet all the specific needs of pay combined with those of human resources.

SHIFTS’ HR and Payroll comes combined with a variety of special features to meet the needs of your human resources department to help to carry out the management of the staff hiring process.

Here are the salient features of our payroll and human resources management software:


Flexibility and Effectiveness in Managing Employees and Tasks

The user can add fields according to his/her needs; manipulate the predefined values and upgrade them when required. Thus, the user can right away enroll a new employee or a new task turned up in the organization.

Fluid flow of information without transferring files

The user, without making any additional entries, can transfer data from employee records, payments to employees, payroll to accounts payable, workforce plan, ledger, and even Word documents from the suite of Microsoft package.

Simplified budgeting

Our “workforce plan” module enables the administrator to effortlessly and seamlessly gauge the employee’s past, present and future payroll. You can also follow the varied management indicators via an integrated and flexible report generator.

Simplified management of your establishment with the Internet Portal

SHIFTS’ HR and Payroll system software is the perfect tool for organized and effective communication between the diverse partakers of your organization. Whether he/she is an employee or for an administrator, everyone will reap the benefits from the tool.

This solution the most organized and effective tool because it enables simplifying the management process payroll by allowing the user to examine his file from any workstation connected to the Internet and this safely.

The long and short of SHIFTS’ HR and Payroll systems is that they naturally come combined with all the solutions that will help you to deal with the respective activities that typically take place in your organization.