SHIFTS’ Features Hassle-free and Highly Effective Time and Attendance Systems for Your Business

The system for Time and Attendance Control is responsible for controlling the internal and external staff of an organization.

This software is a powerful system, which opens the door to a new level of information that will provide your organization with a new vision about the current and historical status of compliance staff schedules, and allow a vision plan for the future from a solid information base.

Employee Time And Attendance Systems is today a cardinal part of every business. The management staff of every organization well understands the need to seamlessly record, store and process employee time records and you are maybe having a look at our site because your existing such systems are not delivering up to the mark performance to you.

Shifts Time & Attendance Solutions are just the ticket for you as our systems have helped a mass of other companies similar to yours. It all just starts with a phone call to one of our knowledgeable system analysts and it ends with a customized solution for your business that deals with the issues that all businesses deal with – perfect, well-timed and infallible employee records.

In and out, it is so simple

Keep track of your presence with a simple click. Stamp in; change to the pause or any other activity and at the end of the day, just stamping out. Either on the PC or on the road via a Smartphone, thanks to the Cloud, you can now easily record your working hours at any time.

Start, end, and pause

You can define the breaks or activities, and then you can get an overview of the total working hours and breaks or activities in the hour record. Depending on your role, you can also see the team members’ timetable.

E-mail and export your e-mail

Once the hour slip is filled, you can easily export, print or e-mail it to your colleagues or boss. If you need more details, you also have an overview of the presence in the reports and the calendar of time tracking.

With SHIFTS’, you will not only get a simple app but will also help you to analyze the data. In Time Tracking, you can use the reports to more closely examine your employees’ data, while you can set and evaluate billing hour rates. With the integrated modules, plus the possible integration with other apps, you have everything that you need to manage the work.


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