SHIFTS’ Human Resource Management Software – An Excellent Way to Deal with HR Tasks Instantly

SHIFTS’s innovative and world-class human resource management system (HRMS) comprises the best program, which can convert a variety of time-consuming and difficult HR tasks into fewer mouse clicks.

Also when it comes to computing the HR data end to end, it is not an out of the ordinary or a pipe’s dream to deal with, as we at SHIFTS have the best HRMS software, which is beyond comparison in simplicity when it comes to using it. It means any person with no prior experience of using such programs can start using it right away. All your data is available at one place, coverage is a breeze, employee self-service helps saves your valuable time, and now you have the time to pay attention to people, not paper.

Real-time HRMS software. No, earnestly.

Stop making worry about the previous and mistaken data. You can get access to your data from your HR Management System irrespective of where you are. With the Human Resources Management Software, you can get exactly the precise data from your exactly when you experience a need for it.

SHIFTS’ Human Resource software runs in the cloud and is pay-as-you-go. It is a great thing and is unbeatable in price rate for performance. You can research on the internet and we are sure that you will not find the software that is simpler than ours is.

Here are the features of our HRMS system:

• Keep HRMS Database records

Access HRMS systems particularly to keep tracking HR info easily – personal data, PTO, employee training, job errands, advantages, contact details, hiring listings, documents and so on.

• Document Storage? Included!

Do you wish for your employee database software to hive away records? Health forms, discipline proceedings, performance gauges, credentials, drivers’ licenses and so on can be hived away. Share documents such as employee handbook via the Employee Self Service. It’s a piece of cake.

• Hassle-free HRMS Systems – Control and Personalization

Personalization of your human resources management system is trouble-free! Create your systems in a way that is idyllic for you. At last, software that does not give you n annoyance, but takes it away.

SHIFTS delivers a smooth, insightful Human Resource Management Software Solution. It delivers second-to-none value over the investment. Use our software and see why.


SHIFTS’ Features Hassle-free and Highly Effective Time and Attendance Systems for Your Business

The system for Time and Attendance Control is responsible for controlling the internal and external staff of an organization.

This software is a powerful system, which opens the door to a new level of information that will provide your organization with a new vision about the current and historical status of compliance staff schedules, and allow a vision plan for the future from a solid information base.

Employee Time And Attendance Systems is today a cardinal part of every business. The management staff of every organization well understands the need to seamlessly record, store and process employee time records and you are maybe having a look at our site because your existing such systems are not delivering up to the mark performance to you.

Shifts Time & Attendance Solutions are just the ticket for you as our systems have helped a mass of other companies similar to yours. It all just starts with a phone call to one of our knowledgeable system analysts and it ends with a customized solution for your business that deals with the issues that all businesses deal with – perfect, well-timed and infallible employee records.

In and out, it is so simple

Keep track of your presence with a simple click. Stamp in; change to the pause or any other activity and at the end of the day, just stamping out. Either on the PC or on the road via a Smartphone, thanks to the Cloud, you can now easily record your working hours at any time.

Start, end, and pause

You can define the breaks or activities, and then you can get an overview of the total working hours and breaks or activities in the hour record. Depending on your role, you can also see the team members’ timetable.

E-mail and export your e-mail

Once the hour slip is filled, you can easily export, print or e-mail it to your colleagues or boss. If you need more details, you also have an overview of the presence in the reports and the calendar of time tracking.

With SHIFTS’, you will not only get a simple app but will also help you to analyze the data. In Time Tracking, you can use the reports to more closely examine your employees’ data, while you can set and evaluate billing hour rates. With the integrated modules, plus the possible integration with other apps, you have everything that you need to manage the work.

SHIFTS’ World-class Time and Attendance Systems are Just the Ticket for Medium-scale and Large-scale Organizations

These days time is the most valuable thing. People want to finish a job within the shortest frame of time without any hassle. Take for instance the management of tracking the attendance of employees in a large-scale and/or a medium-scale organization where the strength of the employee is more than hundred. In such instances, it is really a big nuisance for the Business Owner or the Payroll Manager to deal with such critical situations. Thankfully, the technology is so advanced these days that there is a brilliant solution to every problem. With that said, to deal with the problem of tracking the attendance of a legion of employees in an organization, time and tracking attendance software manually is a world-class and proven solution.

SHIFTS’ Time And Attendance Systems keep a journal of time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices or other timekeeping devices to deal with the employee’s time and productivity competently.

SHIFTS’ components include a variety of features to deal with all the aspects of employee time management including In-Punch, Out-Punch, Late Arrivals, Early Goings, leave Management, Overtime, Holidays, Merrymaking and so on. This facilitates the Human Resources Management to have the bull’s eyes more on the targeted human resources related issues than to simply deal with the queries pertinent to employee time office. SHIFTS’ Time and Attendance is a state-of-the-art time systems solution created using the groundbreaking technologies. Our system is designed to generate a number of systematic reports, and deliver statics and information to help in managing and governing employee time office management of any organization.

SHIFTS’ time attendance system software furnished with a matter-of-fact solution to cut down the processing of employee time sheets and cut down human-committed errors related to a manual time-keeping process. This not simply revs up personnel competence but also works wonders in savings of both time and money.

Whether you are looking for human resource management software, attendance monitoring system or employee reward system, we have solutions to all these and more to help you facilitate different challenging jobs.

SHIFTS’ Payroll System Software – Ensuring the best accuracy, reliability and protection

In every organization, there is typically a payroll department, which fundamentally deals with the salaries of the employees. With that said, it is important that the payroll should be managed properly or a single mistake or negligence can lead to a disaster. To avoid such issues, these days the role Payroll Management System Software plays is beyond compare. These tools come to the picture as the most important tool. The bottom-line of these tools is that they help wonderfully in bringing down the errors that crop up while computing the salaries of the employees in an organization. Quite dissimilar to the conventional forms of Payroll Management System Software that were manual in form, this component of the Human Resource Management Software turns the accounting department of the company into a literal best of class where the employees can make the benefits.

A range of formulas is used when it comes to computing the payroll of a payroll. A Payroll Management Software component enables the formulas to be made automatic. This works wonders for cutting down the human errors that have are often rampant while doing these types of computations. Furthermore, those big organizations are having hundreds or thousands of employees. In such instances, it is quite hard to compute salaries if it is done manually. It can consume weeks and will yield to a huge percentage of inaccurate paychecks being sent out.

Payroll Management Software offered by a reputable company such as SHIFTS offers the following up-to-date features:

1. Easy pattern tool for page elements

2. Effortless formula builder and structure tool

3. Organization of employees by pay grade

4. Income tax calculator with fast formula generation

5. Tax projection and conclusion

6. Paycheck generation and pattern

7. Management for debts and loans

Why Choose SHIFTS’ Payroll Management Software?

The Payroll Management Software SHIFTS’ offers are the easiest, efficient and organized of all. With this in mind, it is easy to manage all the payroll details for each and every employee (no matter what the strength of the employees is) in an organization. This includes checking for the conformity with local statutes and the payment of federal income tax as well as EPF and the retirement funds. The SHIFTS’ payroll software for the Human Resource Management Software is also the thing for the unlimited elements to be incorporated and configured and is one of the versatile ones out there.

SHIFTS’ regular yet impressive human resource management solution is the ticket to deal with your resources with ease.