SHIFTS’ HRMS Software – An affordable and useful tool for managing HR department Excellently.

SHIFTS’ Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) is an excellent package, which comprises tactical HR and workforce management elements. Being versatile in type, you can utilize it for a variety of HR tasks and reap multiple benefits. Precisely, you can use it for tracking workforce and applicants, evaluating workforce performance, reporting, and so on for businesses having a host of employees (within a range of 1000 employees).

The bottom-line of the Human Resource Management Software is that it is versatile and works excellently in generating real-time reports, specifically for organizations with the setups in several locations of the world. Every feature of the tool is worthy of appreciation. For example, the Report Writer function plays a seminal role in evaluating data, managerial process etc. The software also works very well in calculating payroll and bonus. As with a number of similar software with cutting-edge technology, it has the competence to deal with the HR tasks remarkably.

Because our HRMS software is quite convenient and ease of use, a few benefits of it are as follows:  

-> Relatively lesser inexpensive than other competitive HRMS tools available online.

-> Replete with a multitude of functions and areas of the HR department based on the needs of the company.

-> The competence of calculating bonus and payroll remarkably.

After you use it, it is certain that you will jump to the conclusion that SHIFTS’ Human Resources Management Software is a right choice for small-scale and medium-scale organizations looking to deal with the Human Resources needs very well.

More information

To learn more about SHIFTS’ human resources management software, read more below. You are also welcome to contact us on our email :


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