SHIFTS Shift Scheduling Software- Schedule Your Staff the Best way

Shift scheduling overview

Scheduling the staff is an important process and it is also something every organization does, but it is an abnormal thing if you experience a need for scheduling the shifts on a weekly basis- repeatedly tweaking changes, sending for staff at the eleventh hour to help, in the absence of visibility to over time and your cost per shift. Are you being held responsible for your labor costs, but are not armed with the tools that can ensure where the money is going?

SHIFTS online staff scheduling software

As a company’s manager or supervisor, you are required to manage the staff whilst keeping human resources happy and costs depreciated. With SHIFTS online staff scheduling software, we let you off the hook from the responsibility of setting and managing the schedule manually all the way to the end

SHIFTS free employee scheduling software is a great way to help cut down the quantity of time you typically spend scheduling and managing the schedule manually. We help you body and soul by giving visibility to costs and automatically putting across the changes to your staff.  Your staff will be a component of the solution cutting back the number of complaints and revisions that you must come to terms with day-in and day-out.  The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time is now under your absolute control.

How SHIFTS is available for you:

1. Web-based user-friendliness – for you and your staff so everyone has the latest information in real-time

2. Visibility to Over-time and Cost of Shift – via scheduling screens, alerts, and reports while making decisions.

3. Open Shift Management (OSM) – Allow your staff to login and fill up open shifts online with the flexibility to carry out other scheduling chores (swaps, PTO, etc). Managers just click to approve/deny and notification is sent right away via email or text message.

4. Eleventh-hour needs – Managers will also be able to see who is available to work at the eleventh hour needs and easily get in touch via email and/or cell phone text message.

We know and understand that your business is operated transcending your office desk and in the same reference your Workforce Management Solution software. Our employee scheduling apps for iPhone and Android aid you and your staff to manage the schedule while on the move.


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