SHIFTS- A Company at the cutting-edge of Planning and Developing the best Scheduling Software


SHIFTS has been in the industry for a decade and in the meantime, we have made our best efforts to create and develop the best shift scheduling software. We help organizations all over the world by easily and adeptly streamlining the challenges related to staff scheduling and workforce management. And, as a result of this, we are able to attain and maintain a leading position among the top leaders. We are also dedicated to delivering second-to-none value-added solutions to both employees and Administrators/Managers that can contribute to making the mutual relationship even more engaging and rewarding.

We have made the use of guaranteed location-based tools, mapping out in addition to other features that are in line with the long-established scheduling and people management. SHIFTS creatively empowers the “human network” that subsists within every organization.

Address industry’s challenges and deliver high-grade solutions

When it comes to creating an industry’s most resourceful, high-end and user-friendly staff scheduling and management software, it is invariably both an exciting and a trying experience. We are partnered with some of the world’s prized organizations with specialization in a variety of industries. Also, we have come to terms with the problems– from the simplest ones to the toughest– faced by the organizations with different professional backgrounds.

We are well aware of the challenges faced by every industry and with this in mind; we typically come up with offering exact, custom-made solutions that are replete with a host of competitive features and configurability across a mass of industries.

Jack of all trades for your organization

Today, SHIFTS has built a reputation that spurs wide-ranging organizations from large and small scale to meet flexible staff scheduling, work-time needs, and real-time communication needs. SHIFTS is able to deal with the workforce management of hundreds and thousands of people engaged in a workplace. Our customers are satisfied with the features and functionalities of workforce management software that covers human resource management software, time and attendance software, payroll systems software and more for customers all over the world.

Even in this cutthroat competition, we do not falter but continue to offer the highest grade, user-friendly online Employee Time And Attendance Software for individuals and companies from different backgrounds, ages, technical competencies, and professional standards.


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