The benefits of Payroll System Software in Organizations

An organization is nothing in void of employees, as they play a stellar role in the business growth therefore, their significance is beyond compare in every organization. With that said, every business needs to pay their employees decidedly. However, these days, maintaining payroll on a manual basis is becoming obsolete, as they are costly and time-consuming. Also, due to the advancement in technology, automated tools have come in and are in great vogue. This is where payroll system software comes in.

Payroll system software offers the following types of benefits:

Improved accuracy in employees’ paychecks: As a result of using the Payroll System Software , payroll administrators need not feel concerned even a bit about the inaccuracies with regards to employees’ paychecks as there is a negligible number of errors it contains.

Saves time considerably: If the admin person has several different tasks to manage, he/she would be lacking time to manage the payroll, particularly in biweekly increments. In addition, computing taxes and other subtractions can be a time-consuming thing. In a lot of payroll solutions, it is a must for the user to input the number of hours an employee has worked (and information into the bargain from a timesheet) and the software deals with the rest.

Saving of money on outsourcing the payroll function: Based on the payroll provider, payroll outsourcing tends to be a costlier deal. Companies can easily cut down the expenses to a greater extent by implementing a dedicated in-house payroll solution. To make the most of the facility, companies only need to pay a monthly/yearly subscription fee.

Negligible risk of non-compliance with payroll taxes/IRS: It is quite challenging and time-consuming for business organizations to maintain the tax codes and other IRS changes, particularly as they change yearly or even periodically. A lot of payroll software can mechanically make tax updates and then give notice to users regarding these updates.

With that said above, you can easily understand the significance of efficient payroll system software in facilitating the payroll process. So definitely as the admin of a business, you would be looking for a smart, well-organized and innovative payroll system software.

Why SHIFTS’ Payroll System Software?

SHIFTS’ Payroll system software is the one and the only solution that can help you automate the concerning stuff while putting you at the liberty to take control anytime you want. No other payroll system software is as smart, crystal clear, or reasonably priced for small-sized businesses.

Our payroll system software is the ticket for the organizations:

1. Having less than 50 employees

2. That want to deliver a full range of solutions in the market on a shoestring.


SHIFTS Shift Scheduling Software- Schedule Your Staff the Best way

Shift scheduling overview

Scheduling the staff is an important process and it is also something every organization does, but it is an abnormal thing if you experience a need for scheduling the shifts on a weekly basis- repeatedly tweaking changes, sending for staff at the eleventh hour to help, in the absence of visibility to over time and your cost per shift. Are you being held responsible for your labor costs, but are not armed with the tools that can ensure where the money is going?

SHIFTS online staff scheduling software

As a company’s manager or supervisor, you are required to manage the staff whilst keeping human resources happy and costs depreciated. With SHIFTS online staff scheduling software, we let you off the hook from the responsibility of setting and managing the schedule manually all the way to the end

SHIFTS free employee scheduling software is a great way to help cut down the quantity of time you typically spend scheduling and managing the schedule manually. We help you body and soul by giving visibility to costs and automatically putting across the changes to your staff.  Your staff will be a component of the solution cutting back the number of complaints and revisions that you must come to terms with day-in and day-out.  The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time is now under your absolute control.

How SHIFTS is available for you:

1. Web-based user-friendliness – for you and your staff so everyone has the latest information in real-time

2. Visibility to Over-time and Cost of Shift – via scheduling screens, alerts, and reports while making decisions.

3. Open Shift Management (OSM) – Allow your staff to login and fill up open shifts online with the flexibility to carry out other scheduling chores (swaps, PTO, etc). Managers just click to approve/deny and notification is sent right away via email or text message.

4. Eleventh-hour needs – Managers will also be able to see who is available to work at the eleventh hour needs and easily get in touch via email and/or cell phone text message.

We know and understand that your business is operated transcending your office desk and in the same reference your Workforce Management Solution software. Our employee scheduling apps for iPhone and Android aid you and your staff to manage the schedule while on the move.

SHIFTS innovative payroll system is the exact payroll solution you need

At SHIFTS, we embolden you to never feel down in the dumps when it comes to switching to the new payroll system. Our technical professionals are always geared up to assist you in setting up the entire system and coordinating your spanking-new payroll systems.

With SHIFTS, you have the full convenience to easily and conveniently switch payroll year round! 

According to most of our customers, the payroll system we offer on our website seems to be all the way satisfactory. With this in mind, you can cross your fingers to receive the industry’s most innovative payroll system software utilizing which the experience will be etched in your mind for a lifetime!

Hassle-free, User-friendly and Expedient

Using payroll software can be at times challenging and confusing. To act in sync with a diversity of rules and rates and the requirements of different accountants, SHIFTS’s payroll is designed to be hassle-free, user-friendly and expedient so that people with comprehensive or less knowledge can easily operate it and make the most of it.

Best Fit

SHIFTS’ payroll system software is just the ticket for most small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a program with comprehensive payroll capabilities.

SHIFTS Payroll System Software is all the way an excellent customizable payroll solution that is helpful in catering to the needs of a variety of business types. It is also designed to help the professional accountants deal with the miscellaneous account-related needs. Replete with all necessary features and functions, SHIFTS enables to run payroll while also comprising some basic human resource (HR) functionality.


In point of fact, SHIFTS’ payroll system software is a comprehensive in-house payroll system software that may be installed as single-user desktop software or multi-user software in a networked setting. The layout is very appealing and is typical conventional Windows software in which navigation is done through drop-down menus and a string of shortcut icons. The icons are comprehensively custom made to include or exclude preferred program features. This customization makes possible for several data-entry screens too. As a result of the customization, it is possible to make the product particularly adaptable according to user’s data-entry needs.

So utilize the SHIFTS’ payroll system software to the fullest sine it works impeccably and delivers accurate results.

SHIFTS- A Company at the cutting-edge of Planning and Developing the best Scheduling Software


SHIFTS has been in the industry for a decade and in the meantime, we have made our best efforts to create and develop the best shift scheduling software. We help organizations all over the world by easily and adeptly streamlining the challenges related to staff scheduling and workforce management. And, as a result of this, we are able to attain and maintain a leading position among the top leaders. We are also dedicated to delivering second-to-none value-added solutions to both employees and Administrators/Managers that can contribute to making the mutual relationship even more engaging and rewarding.

We have made the use of guaranteed location-based tools, mapping out in addition to other features that are in line with the long-established scheduling and people management. SHIFTS creatively empowers the “human network” that subsists within every organization.

Address industry’s challenges and deliver high-grade solutions

When it comes to creating an industry’s most resourceful, high-end and user-friendly staff scheduling and management software, it is invariably both an exciting and a trying experience. We are partnered with some of the world’s prized organizations with specialization in a variety of industries. Also, we have come to terms with the problems– from the simplest ones to the toughest– faced by the organizations with different professional backgrounds.

We are well aware of the challenges faced by every industry and with this in mind; we typically come up with offering exact, custom-made solutions that are replete with a host of competitive features and configurability across a mass of industries.

Jack of all trades for your organization

Today, SHIFTS has built a reputation that spurs wide-ranging organizations from large and small scale to meet flexible staff scheduling, work-time needs, and real-time communication needs. SHIFTS is able to deal with the workforce management of hundreds and thousands of people engaged in a workplace. Our customers are satisfied with the features and functionalities of workforce management software that covers human resource management software, time and attendance software, payroll systems software and more for customers all over the world.

Even in this cutthroat competition, we do not falter but continue to offer the highest grade, user-friendly online Employee Time And Attendance Software for individuals and companies from different backgrounds, ages, technical competencies, and professional standards.