Why Consider to use SHIFTS Planning Systems

We at SHIFTS are dedicated to making Shifts Planning as much intuitive and advantageous to our customers by offering features and functionalities that can give the workforce the required management automation and flexibility.

Although while we make every effort at our end to make our online Employee Time And Attendance Software , payroll system software as user-friendly and effortless to use as possible, at times the systems can be somewhat difficult to use. At the crossroads, our dyed-in-the-wool and professional customer support typically comes in handy. SHIFT’s customer support is second to none and our customers are acknowledging this as well as singing the praises of it. Having knowledgeable and experienced staff around the clock ensures our clients are always satisfied.

We are dedicated to not only to our clients by offering unrivaled support all round the clock but with our fail safe security and reliability, we have earned a notable ranking in the industry. SHIFTS’s wide-ranging systems are created using the most cutting-edge web technologies to ensure our customer will be able to make the most of them without any problem.

We have given scrupulous attention to the detail of making user’s data is safe in our system including SSL security, encrypted user passwords, automatic timeout, hourly data backup and Admin control of employee settings. 

We are greatly delighted to offer the easiest and most user-friendly interface and communication platform, which is very helpful not only in saving your costly time and money whilst bringing down the level of absence and streamlining employee’s accountability. When it comes to operating the application, it does not require any technical expertise at the user’s end but in fact, even a kid can start using it in a few moments! Let your workforce access the schedule with our apps that are friendly to Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Smart Phones etc. With our Shifts Apps, scheduling and communication with your employees is as easy as a piece of cake!


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