Why Consider to use SHIFTS Planning Systems

We at SHIFTS are dedicated to making Shifts Planning as much intuitive and advantageous to our customers by offering features and functionalities that can give the workforce the required management automation and flexibility.

Although while we make every effort at our end to make our online Employee Time And Attendance Software , payroll system software as user-friendly and effortless to use as possible, at times the systems can be somewhat difficult to use. At the crossroads, our dyed-in-the-wool and professional customer support typically comes in handy. SHIFT’s customer support is second to none and our customers are acknowledging this as well as singing the praises of it. Having knowledgeable and experienced staff around the clock ensures our clients are always satisfied.

We are dedicated to not only to our clients by offering unrivaled support all round the clock but with our fail safe security and reliability, we have earned a notable ranking in the industry. SHIFTS’s wide-ranging systems are created using the most cutting-edge web technologies to ensure our customer will be able to make the most of them without any problem.

We have given scrupulous attention to the detail of making user’s data is safe in our system including SSL security, encrypted user passwords, automatic timeout, hourly data backup and Admin control of employee settings. 

We are greatly delighted to offer the easiest and most user-friendly interface and communication platform, which is very helpful not only in saving your costly time and money whilst bringing down the level of absence and streamlining employee’s accountability. When it comes to operating the application, it does not require any technical expertise at the user’s end but in fact, even a kid can start using it in a few moments! Let your workforce access the schedule with our apps that are friendly to Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Smart Phones etc. With our Shifts Apps, scheduling and communication with your employees is as easy as a piece of cake!


Why SHIFTS Time and attendance software is worth considering for use in every organization

Shifts time and attendance software is a great tool, which helps you to keep track, manage and control the time and assistance for the orderly management of the workforce. It allows.

1. Reduced labor costs with a consistent application following labor and wage regulations.

2. Minimize the risk of default by the application and control of complex compliance requirements of local, government or union rules.

3. Improve workforce productivity by cutting down manual and timely managerial tasks and giving the staff the more flexibility to carry out more value-added activities.

 So Why SHIFTS?.

1. Our solutions are completely automated and user-friendly. They offer high-quality information that helps you in making better levelheaded decisions and managing your staff your way. Moreover, our time and attendance is.

2. Intuitive, effortless in use, giving timely information about the employees’ activities and save a lot of time and effort features.

3. Reliable state-of-the-art technology that fits your organization and gives the flexibility you need along with seamless and rapid integration with existing systems to make sure that your operation is running smoothly.

Comprehensive services that are in sync with your IT resources, budget and salary preferences, also offering consulting to help you maximize your investment .

All in all, our Time and Attendance Software will give you maximum satisfaction without costing a fortune. So whether you run a mid-sized or a large-sized organization and experience it challenging to deal with the employee’s regular activities then SHIFTS’ time and attendance is worth considering to use without a doubt .

Why using Workforce Management Software is a Commendable Choice for Companies with Huge Workforce

If you guess you can handle your company’s huge workforce independently with total success, it is out of question. However, do not worry because there is a hopeful and effective solution to the concern and whether you operate from your hometown or some other global place you can yet even manage to do so easily.

It is the workforce management solution that not only keeps a track on the performance of your workforce but also manages the payroll, attendance, scheduling, their leaves etc. The most state-of-the-art workforce management solution comes furnished with the competencies that let you avail the opulence of supervising your employees, including field agents including their vehicles and equipment so that there will be available human resources with copious equipment to complete the assigned tasks.

Today particularly, a few top-of-the-line companies in certain countries of the world implement the workforce management software and make the most of it. It can be easily said that it is just the ticket for the owners and administrators of large-scale and medium-scale companies. It is manageable to mention that an increasing number of companies are fast realizing the effectiveness of workforce management solution. With the implementation, they come to know that it is very easy to manage the employees to be scheduled at the right time and efficiently keep a tab on their process and with the growing use of workforce management software like Shifts, it is expected that the thing will be in continuous demand for the years to come.

While some businesses are still being managed by dint of spreadsheet software and Excel, their employees are likely to while away production time when they are at leisure and are completely idle because too for several persons are scheduled on a lax day or be an expense when they work in the fullness of time without need. Alternatively, if not several persons are scheduled to work, then production may trail behind the scheduled time frame and the employees that are there for that limit will be under gigantic pressure to try and assume their tasks and others as a result of their existing under-staff concern that was the offshoot of uncreative staff scheduling.

A broad range of human resource management software is available to fit in accordance with the firm’s workflow. You can find a software solution online that is capable of dealing with the comprehensive activities related workforce and enables customization of the fields and modules they offer. Certain nice categories in workforce management such as Employee Help Desk that helps the employees of a certain organization can crop up the issues irrespective of the small or big size.


SHIFTS – A One-Stop Shop for Dependable and High-grade Management Software

SHIFTS is a company dealing in the supply of free time and attendance software, attendance monitoring system with nearly a decade of experience as a reseller of market’s leading office management software. We offer second-to-none services and solutions that simplify key processes in companies. The expertise is primarily related to the selling and implementation of recognized systems related to time and attendance, payroll systems, communications, tracking and tasks. The solutions precisely include time and attendance monitoring systems, workforce management solution, human resource management solution, tracking, staff scheduling software, payroll etc. .

Effective systems step profitability up

It’s about time, it’s about information and it’s about visibility. In addition, it must be simple. We help companies to find tried and trusted solutions with the view to saving their valuable time, making information available and giving an overview of all salient processes, whether it’s about Time and Attendance Software, payroll systems, communications, tracking and tasks. Since our business commencement in 2006, we are growing on a continued basis to become a reputable and reliable supplier to small and medium enterprises all over the world. Our visionary goal is to create better value for our customers by giving an authentic commitment. .


It is not always that customer needs can be covered by using a standard software program. Therefore, we develop industry-specific solutions and customized applications as well either as standalone systems or as part of other programs. Whether the customers choose standard or tailored systems, we always run the extra mile to cater to the customer’s needs without any shade of doubt. .

Why choose SHIFTS


Our software function accurately. .

Cost Effective

Delivers improved cost effectiveness..


Cuts down time spent on payroll and removes errors..


Always at the top of its game when you need it to be..


Purge human errors. Manual data entry time in, time out and breaks is now a thing of the past. .

Reasons for using time and attendance software in an organization with a mass of employees

Operating and managing a business the right way is a critical process and in order to meet the need, you have to take help of the right management skills as well as the right tools to make it less difficult to do. It is your job to assign routine tasks to different employees, however, make sure that they are aware of what they have to do, and find ways to keep track of the activities being done by the employees.

One thing that is typically difficult to keep track of manually and without using the right software is the number of hours the employees work a day and when not. The best tool that you can use to keep track of everything is the right kind of Time and Attendance Software. This is a great software program and is easy to install and use.

With this program, you can create a spreadsheet of every employee who not only ranges in your department but every other employee of other departments too.  With this spreadsheet, you can help to create a timesheet, which will count the days and hours the employees have worked throughout a month. This can also help you giving someone more hours than they want.

Another great thing about the Time and Attendance System Software is that it would allow you to track the number of sick leave days taken by employees. After all, as a human resource manager, it is your responsibility to keep track of every activity of the employees. That way if they want to know how long they are on vacation, you are able to tell them the number of paid days they have left are to be gone.

While you scout online, you can find some that are perfect for small organizations and others that allow large companies. So just make sure that you do some research and find a competent time and attendance tracking software that also fits the needs of your company.

At Shifts, our time and attendance monitoring software is specifically useful for organizations with a huge personnel and employees. It is precisely here, there are often questions like ‘How many employees are there? “or “Who is where? ‘,’ Who is going to do what work?” and “Who has the right skills.” The software provides 24/7 up-to-date insight into the planning and pre-signals any maintenance and overcrowding. Using the information provided by the system, anyone can easily keep track of time and attendance of the employees. Our software will act instrumental in ensuring savings in personnel costs, preventing you from the manual labor and other petty hassles.

How you can make the most of Time and Attendance Management Software in an office

In an office with a host of employees working, it is hard for the human resource manager to keep track of the varied activities they perform on a regular basis. At the crossroads, time and attendance software is a great choice to opt for as a result of its automated efficiencies to manage the attendance and other activities carried out by employees on a daily basis. It works seamlessly when it comes to computing the wages of employees and deal with other activities such as leaves taken through a month by him/her, number of working hours he/she takes on a daily basis etc.

The following are the benefits of using Time and attendance management software as follows:

• The management team or Human Resource Department in a large-sized office typically spends a lot of time to compute the work a certain employee has done. With that said, the responsible person at times is at random when it comes to managing the compensation of employees. Now as a result of using Time and Attendance Management Software , the level of stress and confusion can easily be cut down to a great degree.

• The program also works very well in enhancing the employee’s efficiency. It has the feature, which notes the employee’s work timing and this way a company can easily know the number of working hours an employee has dedicated and where does he/she need improvement.

• If money is a consideration for a company then it can set up such software like Shifts rather than using biometric attendance management system. Some time ago, the employees used punch cards or registers to deal with the time when they used to arrive or exit the office. It was quite challenging and tiresome experience and it also led to many errors. As a result of using time and management software in the office, the precision is fine as well as the cost is also affordable.

• Managers have superior control over employees any time. They can have a look at the performance too.

• The tool is excellent in reviewing the finished work, pending work, the pace at with which an employee is carrying out work, which in turn can aid in dealing with the business in a better way.

Workforce management solution is just the ticket for any company. It is a great way to keep a track on the employees work, your wages computation, leaves and program management.

You just need to look for excellent time and attendance software that also fits your office needs. You can test for the precision and cost. If everything fits your preferences and needs, you can opt for one yourself and make the most of it.